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 Anubisgod6 Staff App

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PostSubject: Anubisgod6 Staff App   Mon Aug 25, 2008 8:18 am

Hi im Anubisgod6 and i would like to apply for staff

tell me why u thank u wold be a good stafe member: i learn quickly and im good at solving problems and im active and i like helping people alot
tell me how u can help the server: i can think of new ideas to do for the server to make it a better place and more fun and ill help those who need help ingame
tell me why u want two be in stafe: i want to be in the staff because i like to help servers to become strong and a nice place for people to play on

Thank you for reading my post

Anubis Very Happy
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Anubisgod6 Staff App
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